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Ink and paper aren't passé. At Dartmedia, we still believe that there is a time and place for print ads and promotional materials. Do you need something classy or something memorable? Our print designers can come up with something you love and will even print it off for you.

Do you need a brochure to hand out to potential customers? A leaflet to leave at client homes? We can help you - from layout to images and writing the copy, we can take your brochure from idea to printing in a flash.

Flyers are still a great take-home marketing material, because they tend to be something that customers can quickly browse. We can create beautiful flyers that are packed with witty descriptions, professional images and snazzy marketing copy. We can even take care of all the details - from brainstorming ideas to delivering the finished, printed copies.

Want to hand out informational booklets at seminars and networking events? Booklets are great because they are full of information that potential customers want to hold onto - and, of course, when customers hold onto booklets, they also hold onto your company information and contact details. We can design great booklets that inspire your customers to come calling.

Even if you just need something printed, we can help. Our relationships with print shops around the country generally mean great deals and fast turn-around. Don't get the run-around when it comes to printing - come to us for all your printing needs.

Our off-the-shelf folder cutters, make it easy for you to quickly produce high-quality presentation folder for your business. If you are looking for a more unique presentation folder, we can produce a bespoke cutter to make your folder stand out from the rest.

Any other kind of print design. If you need something specific, just call us and ask. We will find a solution for you that exceeds your expectations.

We not only pride ourselves on our competitive pricing but on the additional services we can add to your campaign.

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