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Yahoo, Hotmail, MSN Messenger or Facebook Advertising. Get your advertisement optimized and published on the world’s largest portals. Our team of professionals will design, deliver, optimize and track your campaigns; this will leave you to worry only about the dealing with the extra clients you will be getting.

Depending on the nature of your campaign, DartMedia will help you plan and launch ads on various online placements. Our excellent relationship with the suppliers gives us an edge and makes all matters simpler, all in addition to being able to grant added value and additional discounts whenever possible. Online placements include:

Google Display Network: A large group of websites and other products, such as email programs and blogs, with geographical and contextual targeting options. This important network is highly effective in reaching target audience in more places than any other advertising channel.

Facebook: While limited with the type of social ads, Facebook remains an important channel on to reach a specific audience using targeted filters. At DartMedia we only recommend Facebook as part of the media mix, but never as an exclusive channel.

MSN Arabia, Hotmail and Messenger: MSN & Windows Live support many targeting solutions, allowing your ads to reach a large segment of Kuwait’s online users. There are many targeting options available including Age and Gender targeting.

Yahoo Network: Yahoo is by far the world’s largest portal, integrating your advertising as part of their network will ensure unparallel reach. Yahoo offers targeting options through geographic, demographic and behavioral targeting to limit your exposure to the highest possible/yielding audience.

Local Popular Websites: DartMedia assists clients to advertise on some of Kuwait’s most popular local websites including, this local network of site is the key to reaching niche audiences at very affordable prices. The network includes but is not limited to:

Campaign Tracking and Optimization

Maximize your Marketing Return on Investment; are doing your own media planning and buying? Not quite sure what results you should be getting? Let our team of professionals set you up properly and help you measure everything down to actual conversions on your website or online brochure.

Understanding where the results are coming from and how valid they are, is the key to getting the maximum return on your advertising investment. DartMedia professionals will help you (using third party audited tools) to measure every aspect of your online campaign activities, whether you are sending email, posting social ads, using display advertising, or other means.

Some media channels/providers claim to have a large interaction rate! Without campaign tracking and optimization you will never be able to confirm this statement. While a particular channel may deliver thousands of potential leads, if none of them register or buy, how useful is it then? (it is not useful at all).

Here is a partial list of what you would get with this service:

  • How many registrations did each banner/channel deliver?
  • How many purchases were made from X channel?
  • What is the conversation cost per channel/creative?
  • Which banner is more effective?
  • Which marketing message delivers more conversations?
  • Which media channel is cheaper based on conversions?
  • How must time do people from different channels spend on my site?
  • How many pages do they view?
  • What is the bounce rate for the different channels being used?
  • and much more…

Stop spending money on useless channels that deliver results but no real traffic (sale). Maximize your investment, by cutting down cost while increasing sales.

Fill out our Contact Form or check the box below to include the DartMedia’s Advertising Package as part of your request for information and a specialist in the field will contact you promptly with all the necessary details.

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