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A domain name is your name on the web. It is the part of your web address that comes after the www. Your domain name will also be used after the "@" symbol in your email addresses. Therefore it is important to register a name that closely reflects your business name and is easy for people to remember and type. Registering a domain name is the first step in any online enterprise.

Your domain name should:

  • Reflect your actual business name. Your business license is required to register a domain name.
  • Be short. So it can be remembered easily if seen on a car tailgate, bus side or website that wasn't bookmarked. Also, the shorter your domain name, the less likely it is to be mis-keyed in the browser address field.
  • Your domain name shouldn't have any weird characters like the ~ (tilde) or / (forward slash) as newer Internet users can not find these easily on their keyboard.
  • You should consider variations of your domain name to make sure your competitors don’t register names that are very close to yours eg. and and All these variations can point to one web site.

When you register a domain name, it is licensed to you: you do not own it. When we register a domain name on your behalf we use your contact details and your business license, not ours.

Domain Name Parking

Domain name parking is where you have more than one domain name and you want one domain name simply to point to another. Providing there is no data transfer involved, Dynamic Web Solutions offers this service free for sites it hosts. e.g. is the main site, while is registered and simply points to

People often register more than one variation of their domain name to stop competitors getting it and to capture traffic from addresses that people may try to guess.

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